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Please be advised that wihtin 14 days after receiving the product, you have the right to withdraw from any own contract.
Find out more about withdrawal from the distance contract Here!

Payments before shipping
UPS logo UPS 15.00 EUR
UPS Express logo UPS Express 24.00 EUR
Fedex logo Fedex 15.00 EUR
Fedex Express logo Fedex Express 22.00 EUR

Shipping abroad

The above prices are for countries that are members of the European Union. We can ship the goods anywhere in the world, but the shipment is then calculated individual.

Parcel packing and security

All parcels sent by us are professionally packed. Each package we prepare is packed in a cardboard box and a bubble envelope that adequately protects the contents of the order against damage.

When picking up the package at the post office, or at the postman / courier, please pay attention to whether the package is undamaged and whether the package does not show signs of damage. In case of any doubts, please contact the consignment at the post office. You can also read the package weight from the package and compare it with the real weight of the package received. In case of any doubts as to the condition of the courier parcel, you can open it together with the courier.

Please, then make out the shipment opening report.