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Shipping and payment methods

Shipping costs

Additional information

We ship to EU countries

Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom.

Parcel packaging and security

All parcels we send are professionally packed. Each parcel we prepare is packed in a cardboard box and in a bubble envelope properly protecting the contents of the order from damage. Receiving the package at the post office or postman/courier, please pay attention to whether the package is not damaged and whether the package bears no signs of damage.

If you have any doubts, please open the package by commission at the post office. You can also read the weight of the parcel from the package and compare it with the real weight of the package you received.

If you have any doubts about the condition of the courier parcel, you can open it by commission together with the courier. Please draw up a protocol of opening the parcel then.

Payment methods

Online payment Quick payment Payment in cash Deferred payment Trade credit
ESUS IT bank account numbers:
PLN ING PL75 1050 1559 1000 0090 8053 6726 USD
EUR ING PL86 1050 1559 1000 0090 3147 7905 EUR
Advantages of online payments:
  • fast implementation = time savings
  • convenience
  • security
How does it work? ESUS IT enables quick payment through various systems.
  • You will be asked to log in to your bank account, and your payment details will be filled in automatically.
  • Then you will check the correctness of the data and approve the transfer.
  • The processing of your order will begin after the transaction is approved by Przelewy 24 systems.
Advantages of online payments:
Possible payment in cash upon personal collection at our headquarters. We are located here: ESUS IT ul. Somosierry 30a, 71-181 Szczecin, Poland We are available by phone number: +48 530 453 637 or 91 383 10 84
How does it work? Just select any product and place your order After verification and a positive decision of the system, the purchase is finalized and the money for the product is credited to the account of the selected store. The customer then usually gains a month for a decision
At ESUS IT you can get a trade credit - what is it? Trade credit can be obtained by a businessman who is a recipient of goods or services. He then receives from the other entrepreneur (the supplier of goods or services) the possibility of deferring payment. Thanks to this, it is possible in his case, among other things, to maintain financial liquidity What benefits you can have:
  • no interest rate
  • thanks to it, the buyer has the opportunity to sell the goods even before the due date, and thus does not have to engage its own funds or mobilize working capital credits for this period
  • attractive and quick to obtain


1What forms of shipments does ESUS IT use?
Fedex, UPS and Inpost.
2Is it possible to pick up in person?
Yes, at the headquarters where the warehouse is - Somosierry 30a, 71-181 Szczecin
3If I order an item that is in stock, will I receive it the next day for sure?
Depends on the time of the order, because we need time to prepare the package and the arrival of the courier. NP: Inpost picks up parcels around 1 pm.
4In what currencies is it possible to pay?
You can pay PLN, EUR or USD. Default currency is PLN, if you need other please contact me at
5What are the payment methods for companies?
In most cases we rely on prepayment, but there is also the possibility of trade credit.
6In what currencies is it possible to pay?
You can pay PLN, EUR or USD. Default currency is PLN, if you need other please contact me at
7On what basis is credit granted?
Based on our history of cooperation, we also have insured receivables with Euler Herems.
8What if the package is damaged or looks open?
It is best to check the package at the courier and write a protocol. If the courier has managed to leave then you should contact him or call the support line and inform about this situation. Also report the case to ESUS IT. The protocol from the courier is valid for compensation.
9Are the packages insured?
Yes, they are insured against damage or theft.
10Is it possible to send a package abroad?
Yes, there is such a possibility. We send packages to many places in the world, as long as the couriers get there and there are no legal contraindications. For a quote for shipments outside Poland - please call us at +48 692 874 210
11Is it possible to purchase at 0% VAT for entities in the EU?
Yes, there is such a possibility, only the shipment of goods must be outside Poland.
12What happens when I receive a product that is damaged or doesn't work after I open the package?
You should immediately report such a situation to ESUS IT. Such a product is likely to be DOA (dead on arrival), that is, damaged either at the factory or in transit. In such a case, we try to send a new product to the customer at our expense and pick up the damaged one. Then the entire RMA process to the manufacturer passes to us.